Waist Beads

Waist Beads

Beads are an adornment for waist of women. It originate from Africa. Beads are worn under clothes, or arranged on top of clothes. Beads can be worn for as a symbol of femininity, fertility, sexuality, spiritually, and security. Beads are also worn as a way to track weight loss. You choose your beads according to your liking. Our beads are blessed with love and passion to bring you the the energy you are needing. 

Our waist beads are hand made with glass seed beads, too beads, glass crystals, and gemstones. Please read description to make the best selections. All waist beads are made with strong form of thread, so they are permanent. If you want elastic, please request in the description box. 

I have done my best with choosing the vendors to purchase beads. My beads are forever improving. If the bead is described as 14KT it is real gold. You may add a charm for extra charge.

I do not guarantee that none of the beads with coated colors will not fade over time.

All beads are custom made by Amari and I. All sales are final. If the color desired is not shown, please message us.